Being a Teacher and a Therapist for special needs children is a true calling. These individuals are key to the success of the children that they work with and often make more of an impact than they realize. Our AIM2Acknowledge program strives to give acknowledgement where acknowledgement is due.

Each month AIM will accept nominations, from parents of children with

autism, for a teacher or therapist who has made an impact on their child's life. Once a winner has been chosen they will be contacted by AIM and AIM will make arrangements to present the winner with a certificate and a gift card.

AIM will acknowledge our winners not only by presenting them with their certificate and gift card, but also through our social media outlets, website and monthly newsletter. The story that is shared by parents through their nomination will, also, be shared through the above-mentioned outlets. It is our hope to also include a picture of the winner as well as their bio. 


Nominations will be open M-F, the 2nd week of each month. 

Nominations will be reviewed the following week. 

Winner will be announced the following Monday.


August- Teacher 

September- Therapist 

October- Teacher 

November- Therapist 

December- Teacher

January- Therapist 

February- Teacher 

March- Therapist




  • Teacher or Therapist being nominated MUST be currently employed in Benton or Washington County. 
  • The Child who's life the teacher or therapist has impacted MUST be on the autism spectrum. 
  • Nominations MUST come a parent or primary caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum. 
  • A parent/ caregiver can make ONLY ONE nomination per month. 

Nominate a therapist who has made an impact Nov 11-15

October winner!!!


Amber Peck

We are excited to congratulate Ms. Amber Peck on being chosen as our October AIM2Acknowledge Winner!! 

About Ms. Peck

I am a 37-year-old mom of the sweetest little man that is 10 years old and is my everything. Born and raised in Oklahoma but call Northwest Arkansas my home for the past 16 years. I received my undergrad degree in Early Childhood Education from John Brown University, a master's degree in Special Education from Harding University, and I graduated in December of 2019 with my Education Specialists degree in Education Leadership - Special Education Director from Arkansas State University. I am in my 5th year teaching special education for Sugar Creek Elementary School. 

Ms. Peck says...

Teaching has always been a dream of mine. I would even pretend to play "classroom" with my stuffed animals as a young girl. Having the privilege of teaching Special Education has been one of the most influential aspects of my life. Every day that I see my students overcome their challenges motivates me to be a better person and teacher for them. I believe that students with special needs are more than their disability. I set high, achievable expectations in order to show them how capable they are. They teach me love, compassion, patience, acceptance, tolerance, and resilience. My heart is full! They are my WHY!

Nominated by Erica Schamber

Maria shares a unique story as she has a twin sister who is also Autistic. In second grade, due to the district only having one special needs classroom per school, the girls did not do well in the same classroom at R.E. Baker, and Maria was moved to Sugar Creek elementary at our request. There she joined Miss Amber Peck, for the next three years, and what a successful experience and amazing transformation for Maria those three years became! In the first month alone, our small scared child who often would not speak or look people in the eye, was on a stage, a month in, with her class speaking into a microphone! This girl with little or no social skills, who only had friends who were teachers and not classmates, who would melt down and run away at the fear of being wrong or overwhelmed, transformed with constant assistance and encouragement from Ms. Peck and the entire Sugar Creek School experience of staff and students. Maria learned amazing social skills, how to be brave, how to be OK with making mistakes, how to make friends and be way more independent between classes and teaching her about expected routines and time frames. Ms. Peck helped her learn to express herself without hurting herself and others, and how to move into using words to get her needs met. Ms. Peck was willing to be in constant communication on a daily and weekly and sometimes weekend basis to help avoid miscommunications and meltdowns when Maria was miss- understanding what she expected was going to happen at school. Ms. Peck gave us her cell phone number and was THERE for us far above and beyond the normal call of a teacher, simply because she cared. The constant on par support between her communication and ours created a wonderful blend of transition and expectation at home and school for Maria that was very consistent and needed in Maria's strict memorizing world. She was an amazing blend of patience and love with boundaries and a no-nonsense or push over attitude, and that is EXACTLY what Maria needed to help her push through her amazing growth. And Maria successfully graduated 4th grade going into a partial Resource room experience for her 5th grade year! Her one regret was "next year, no Ms. Peck". Thank you, Amber Peck, for your amazing dedication, forward thinking and support when it came to helping Maria grow and learn throughout the last three years. You held your boundaries with her and showed patience while keeping in constant contact with us and allowing a support that bridged from school to home and back again. And it paid off beautifully!

                                            ~ Erica Schamber                             

Thank you!

Ms. Peck we thank you for being such an amazing teacher, for making such a wonderful impact on Maria and her family,  and for being an important part of the Special Needs community in NWA. 

September winner!!!


Kathy Farnan

Mrs. Farnan is an Occupational Therapist at Sunshine School and Development Center where she works with numerous children with autism and many other special needs. 

Nominated by Dominique Paine

Here is what Dominique had to say about Mrs. Farnan

If I could nominate the entire Sunshine School to receive an award, I would. However, Kathy Farnan has gone above and beyond since the 1st day we met her during our initial evaluations. When I took my daughter to Sunshine School for her evaluations, I was scared. Not only was I scared about all the information I had recently received about Eden, I was scared of what the day would be like trying to get my daughter to sit still and be evaluated. Our evaluation with Kathy was a breeze! Eden responded to her surprisingly well and at the end of it Kathy told me she was going to request that Eden be on her caseload. Let me tell ya, we hit the jackpot! Kathy has helped with everything for Eden from aggressive behaviors to sensory outlets, to visual schedules to encouragement for me. She has talked to me more times than I can count and everytime she gives me multiple ideas on how to help my child and improve her behaviors at home. She has made time to talk with me while not at work, she has sent home lists of sensory ideas for Eden. Everytime I have reached out to her, she has responded with not only help for Eden, but also encouragement for me. We are so lucky to have Kathy as our daughter's occupational therapist. I joke with my husband that I would gladly move her in with us and I'm positive that my daughter would love that. Eden loves Kathy and while she can't exactly tell me about her day at school. I do hear "my friend, Kathy" a lot and that's a pretty great feeling.

                                                                                                                          ~Dominque Paine 

Thank you!

Mrs. Farnan, AIM would like to say a big thank you for being such an important part of the autism community in NW Arkansas! 



Savannah Lasiter

Mrs. Lasiter, a native of NW Arkansas, and a Kindergarten Teacher at Centerton Gamble Elementary is our 1st ever AIM2Acknowledge winner. Mrs. Lasiter attended the University of Arkansas where she earned her degree in Elementary Education. The 2019-2020 school year is her 6th year of teaching at Centerton Gamble.

Mrs. Lasiter says...

“Growing up, I learned to feel compassion, empathy and the true meaning of inclusion all because I have a brother who has special needs. Teaching is my true calling, and to be able to make an impact on the lives of those that have autism is an honor. We all strive to live, we strive to learn, and we strive to be loved. Students with autism need an individualized learning approach and it is important to me to be able to intertwine what they need individually with how I teach the whole group. Nothing is more near and dear to my heart than to teach a student with autism to shine in their own unique way while at the same time being shown love, kindness, acceptance and compassion from their peers.”

Nominated by Jessica & Dawson Skordal

As a child enters kindergarten, it's normal for a parent to experience anxiety. When it's special needs child, that anxiety can be debilitating. Savannah Lasiter is the picture of what we need in American schools. She took the time to get to know Dawson inside and out. She met every accommodation with an open heart and an open mind. She sought out resources and guidance from other professions to ensure that every need was met. When he hit hard walls in his education, she would completely change her teaching style to meet his needs. She never gave up, never slowed down and always worked to find the best way to serve Dawson in her classroom. Because of her diligence and hard work, Dawson ended Kindergarten on track with his peers and ready for first grade. For the first time, I was able to leave my son with an adult with full confidence that he would be protected, cared for and loved as if I was with him. I am so thankful for Mrs. Lasiter.
                                                                                     ~Jessica Skordal


   Congratulations Mrs. Lasiter!!!  And thank you for   making such a huge impact on Dawson Skordal while he was in your Kindergarten class! 


Mrs. Lasiter will be presented with an AIM2Acknowledge certificate and  gift card on September 13th, at the Centerton Gamble

Colt Stampede.