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Autism across ARKANSAS


What is Autism Across Arkansas?

Autism Across Arkansas is AIM's end of the year online fundraising campaign. We are pleased to announce our partnership with The Arkansas Autism Foundation to increase awareness. acceptance, resources and grant funding. 

Our Passion

AIM is passionate about providing resources and grants to both families and educators who are impacted by autism and who work with children with special needs in the NW Arkansas area. 

Our Footprint

Over the past 11 years, AIM has continued to reach families and educators in our community.  From holding the hands of a family learning about autism following the diagnosis of their child, funding an educator grant for a sensory room, to helping parents understand and complete paperwork that ensures the protection of their child's best interests when they turn 18, AIM stands ready to serve Arkansas.  

Your Support

With your support, we can continue to provide these services and more to all who are impacted by autism in NWA.  

Would You Consider Joining Us?

Would you consider joining in our efforts by donating to Autism Across Arkansas? Your support is greatly appreciated!